It’s time to start your fresh new career chapter.

Powerfully package, present and position yourself for application and interview success. 

The Expert Career Success Mentorship

With Judy Bullimore, Queen Of Interviews and Dream Job Mentor

Be taken on a journey of self discovery, where your personal and professional achievements are celebrated, your true talents are unveiled and the best version of you is packaged and positioned at the top of your career potential. Oozing confidence, and with greater resilience, feel empowered to know exactly how to think like an employer, and stand out at application and interview to receive your dream job offer!

Celebrate your career achievements and attract positions that are truly aligned to your ambitions.

The Expert Career Success Mentorship will:

Uncover Your Personal Brand

The personal branding experience is the equivalent of understanding the question... What's the most powerful version of yourself? It's the version of you at the top of your potential that will lay the foundations for getting shortlisted and past the final interview stages to receive your dream job offer. Not only is this stage pivotal, it's transformational!

Refine and Elevate Your Expertise

Have you ever thought of yourself as an expert at what you do? Well to stand out and impress, all of your experience will need to be gathered, themed and refined so it pitches you at the top of your potential. The coaching techniques used will add a dimension like no other to the way that your expertise is presented to employers, recruiters and interviewers.

Mentor You To Dazzle At Interview

How would it feel if you were confident in any interview situation? Excited to talk through all of your wonderful achievements in a way that consistently delivers an impressive, memorable interview performance? With pride that you represented yourself with authenticity? Learn all the presentation, interviewing and performance techniques to wow the interview panel to claim the career you deserve.

Help You Stand Strong On Your Journey To Career Success

Realising your career dreams is no easy task given the post pandemic competition and strain on the employment sector, however you will have the ultimate secret weapon by your side, your very own Queen Of Interviews and Dream Job Mentor. Not only will you have an employment expert and mentor helping you get out of your own way, but you'll also gain the person who has the executive level recruitment strategies to cut through the competition to help you stand out for career success!

A reflective and inspiring process that gets you to look at your true self and not be overshadowed by the job description, organisation or sector.”

— Lynette, Assistant Principle in FE

What's Included In The Expert Career Success Mentorship?

Outstanding Application Documents Expertly Designed & Written

The art of getting shortlisted for interview and standing out from the competition is to create a powerful first impression. All application documents will appeal to exactly what your industry recruiters are looking for, and pitch you perfectly for the positions you want. This includes LinkedIn profiles, CV's/ resume's, applications and supporting statements.

Executive Job Attraction Strategy

True career success represents working in an environment that aligns to your values, where you feel appreciated, able to use your expertise and make the impact that you know is possible. The process of attracting the right roles requires strategy. Receive the techniques that cuts through the competition and fast-tracks the process from dream to reality.

Confidence Coaching

Confidence is the golden ticket to career success. For a recruiter to shortlist you for interview, the words within the application must transmit the confidence in your abilities. At interview, the employer will want to see, hear and feel confidence, and the process of holding your self worth within the application process requires, confidence, grit and brute determination. Through stepping into your power, you'll be oozing inner and outer confidence well beyond your dream job offer.

The Interview Story Impression Technique

What makes a successful interview? The answer is the ability to bring your experience to life in a way that allows an interviewer to emotionally connect, so that they buy into your expertise and the true authentic you. The technique coached allows nerves to be controlled, to have a clear game plan for how to approach any interview question, guarantees the performance factor, and leaves the ultimate lasting positive impression.

Check out the video below for how The Interview Story Impression Technique can work for you!

Are You Ready To Fast-Track Your Journey To Career Success?

The Expert Career Success Mentorship is an application and interview intensive, consisting of 12 expert coaching sessions lasting between 1.5 - 2 hours. Application writing and profile design is developed outside of the sessions providing the focus required to work through all the key elements for career success. Flexibility is built into the mentorship, so that ideal positions can be prioritised as they appear, ensuring you're positioned as strongly as possible for the dream job offer that you deserve!

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What Previous Wonderful Clients Have To Say


Education Consultant

"I'm so super excited that I don't know where to start. I've just landed my dream job. Like, THE job. It's a next level position in Senior Leadership and I honestly dont believe it would have come to fruition withour Judy's expertise.

Judy's overall approach is innovatiove and current, the whole proggrame takes a real fresh approach, and I'll use the tools and techniques for a lifetime.

I'm coming away from this totally connected to my unique expert status and I know I'll be better in my new senior position .... and I have secured this position in the current climate which is amazing.

Thank you so much Judy".


East Midlands Human Trafficking Area Lead

"I cannot thank you enough for helping me get this job. I can't even explain how happy I am to be where I am. It's a strange time to start but Oh My God do I love it. I'm the youngest manager by over 20 years. I am so so supported by my colleagues, my staff and my CEO. Like I get calls everyday to check up on me and see how I'm doing. It is just fantastic. I have been able to showcase my ability already and been praised for it. Without your help and your uplifting and motivating talks, I wouldn't be here". 


Team Leader, Homeless Prevention Team

"Judy has exceptional expertise on job coaching! I am a confident person but when it comes to interviews I go into complete meltdown. Thank you for getting me through this week, I got the job!"

Meet Your Dream Job Mentor

I’m Judy Bullimore, on a mission to empower professional career-seekers with the tools and techniques to showcase themselves with confidence, authenticity and impressiveness!

Nothing lights me up more than helping professionals understand how employers make their decisions, what strategies catch their attention, and how to prove that they are the best candidates for the roles that they want.

Largely mentoring and advising highly talented individuals into senior leadership roles in a range of sectors including; Procurement, Marketing, Tech, Further Education, Health (to name a few), my knowledge of the employment sector ensures that the feedback I provide is Spot On in helping you understand how to move from application through to Job Offer!

The techniques I coach have featured across the BBC, have resulted in me featuring on TV, within Yahoo Finance UK and are preferred by recruiters. Why? Because they ensure a ....

  • 100% Increase in getting shortlisted for interview.
  • 100% Increase in confidence and understanding of personal unique selling points.
  • 100% Increase in delivering a successful interview performance based on the ability to answer questions, sell skills and experience, present with authenticity and pride in the performance overall.

By ....

  • Providing expertise as an Employment Specialist.
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs and building inner confidence as a Dream Job Coach.
  • Designing and writing compelling CV's and application documents from cover letters through to LinkedIn profiles.
  • Providing Personal Branding so that my clients understand their competitive edge and overall core offer.
  • Sharing Job Search Strategies that cut through the competition and fast track the process to an ideal position.

This one to one, expert career success coaching service is called a mentorship for a reason. You will have all the support, expertise, tools and techniques to Turn Your Career Dreams Into A Reality!