The Know Your Worth Sessions

Summary & Replay

With Judy Bullimore

These three free coaching sessions have been expertly designed for talented professionals who are reaching a point, or at a point where ....

  • They're talking themselves out of jobs they CAN do.
  • Are getting in their own way.
  • Are deflated by applying and interviewing without success.

Delivered between the 12th and 15th May 2021 within the Claiming My Dream Job Facebook Community, here you'll find a helpful summary of the sessions and access to the replays.

Learn the techniques to STAND OUT, apply and interview with CONFIDENCE and AVOID selling yourself SHORT.

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Summary & Replay

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What Is Knowing Your Worth?

Knowing Your Worth is a loaded concept I use to summarise what needs to be at play to help you shine the brightest, dig the deepest and step out as your most potent and powerful self to get the job that you deserve.

I treat it as the core foundation to landing your dream job, because all of the job search strategies, interview techniques, dazzling CV's and LinkedIn profiles simply don't have the desired effect without this concept of Knowing your worth.

So knowing you worth broken down represents ....

  • You at your most POWERFUL - This is the version of you without any barriers/ difficult circumstances or limiting beliefs. Where you're free to be ambitious and stay true to what your inner voice of desire tells you to be.
  • You at the TOP of your POTENTIAL - This is the version of you at your most POWERFUL, where you have complete and utter faith in your skills, experience and achievements.
  • You at the most CONFIDENT, DETERMINED & RESILIENT - Thinking through the times where you've been at the top of your game, you've got through the worst of situations and stepped out as the BEST version of yourself, this is where you're tapped into this frame of mind.

So Why Do You Need To Know Your Worth In The Job Application Process?

From the perspective of applying and interviewing for jobs, what I know to be true is, it’s the foundation to successfully claiming the job that matches ambition, the working environment and development opportunities that you seek. Here's why ....

  • It attracts the RIGHT roles to you.
  • It prevents talking yourself OUT of applying for jobs you CAN do.
  • It makes the process of applying for jobs EASIER and a more POSITIVE experience.
  • You’re MORE LIKELY to get shortlisted for interview.
  • The interview will feel like a CELEBRATION of you’re achievements.
  • Negotiating salary and employment terms will feel calm, cool and CONFIDENT.
  • It provides the confidence and RESILIENCE needed to STAND STRONG in the face of unsuccessful applications and interviews.

Lets Dive In To HOW You Can Hold Your Worth When Applying & Interviewing

There are 4 key ways to know your worth as explained in session 1;

1. Check your AMBITION

  • Your ambition represents your INNER VOICE. Your true desire to ACHIEVE and do what you're meant to do. Listening to your ambition firstly requires you to give yourself PERMISSION to BELIEVE, DREAM and ASPIRE to your personal career goals.

2. Notice the DUAL between your HEAD & HEART

  • It's natural to consider all the PRACTICAL aspects of why you should or shouldn't apply for a job, however if your INNER VOICE is loud enough, it will usually be trying to signal that concentrating on all the 'safe, secure' options could take you further away from your TRUE path (which often represents your true potential - or what could be if you wasn't afraid). This dual between the head and heart is totally natural and necessary. The way to stop it sabotaging is to firstly NOTICE when it's happening.

3. Give your CONFIDENCE a workout!

  • Confidence is like a muscle, it has to be worked to build it. It grows inside out, so a way to know your worth is to TAP INTO the most POWERFUL, RESILIENT, FEARLESS and BADASS version of yourself!

This is all explained and illustrated in the Session 1 replay you can find below;


What Diamonds Have To With Your Dream Job & Your Worth

A way to think about the concept of knowing your worth session is to understand what makes you special and unique, as this represents your competitive edge and the added value that only YOU will bring to the job as opposed to your competition.

The qualities and attributes that make you special and unique can be thought of like your 'DIAMONDS' because when you showcase them, it helps you shine the BRIGHTEST.

When I talk about knowing your PERSONAL BRAND and CORE OFFER this is really code for the wonderful amalgamation of values, personality, skills, experience, passion and qualities that make you GREAT.

So the art of knowing your worth is to UNCOVER your diamonds, to POLISH them and flaunt them with PRIDE.

Before watching Session 2 where this concept is explained more - specifically in relation to applying for your ideal position, here's a quick tutorial on Personal Branding ...

Now Session 2 should make more sense ...


How To Know Your Worth at Interview

Standing out at interview is an art. It's not just about answering the question, but an ability to maximise on the unique traits that set you apart, while making it easy for the interviewers to see why they should choose you for the role. It takes huge amounts of confidence, determination and resilience to bring ALL of you to interview in this way, and it all starts with Knowing Your Worth.

How to do this specifically for interview is all explained in Session 3 which you can catch in the replay below. But as a summary here's the key ways of ensuring you absolutely do yourself justice, impress and leave a positive lasting impression at interview ...

1. Wear Your Diamonds

  • Your diamonds are your secret weapon, because they're what sets you apart from the competition. Not only are they the source of your strength and confidence (because they're made up of the most powerful parts of you) they are the means for creating likeability, connection and a memorable positive impression with the interviewer.

2. Have a Compelling Core Offer!

  • When you add your Personal Brand (made up of your diamonds) to your specific skills and experience and you understand how to 'think' like an interviewer, you have a compelling CORE OFFER. Before watching session 3, this short video on how to create your core offer will illustrate what I mean ...

3. Confidence In The Authentic YOU

  • Once you have polished your diamonds that represent the true authentic you, the key step to really shining bright at interview is to be unafraid and unashamed to show them! This comes from speaking your truth, being unashamedly your BEST self and bringing your experience to LIFE through the power of storytelling.

3. The Interview Story Impression Technique!

  • Technique is the means to pull all the moving parts needed for interview together. The aim is to have a way of understanding a question, answering it while feeling able to talk naturally, confidently and impressively while always showcasing your diamonds. The interview technique that I have developed does just this plus so much more!

All this is illustrated in Session 3 ...


So What Next?

If you're at a point where you feel energised to equip yourself with the expertise, support, motivation and techniques to absolutely GO FOR IT with getting the job you REALLY want ... The job that will excite you and provide you with what you desire going forward, whether that be a new challenge, stability, development, the step to your ultimate dreams ..... Whatever it may be ..... I'm so excited to share this opportunity with you, because it's the programme that I have COMPLETE AND UTTER CONFIDENCE in that will address absolutely EVERYTHING required to STAND OUT and STAND STRONG throughout the job application process from desire through to job offer .....

Claim Your Dream Job Bootcamp

A Little Bit About Me

Hello, you talented and highly skilled one of kind individual!

I’m Judy Bullimore, on a mission to empower professional job-seekers applying and interviewing for their ideal position right now with the tools and techniques to showcase themselves with confidence, authenticity and impressiveness!

I feel most free when I’m helping wonderful people like you do themselves justice at interview, that's because I'm using the skills that I was blessed with which is to ….

🌻Tease out the very best in people so that they SHINE the brightest at interview.

🌻Helping individuals understand what makes them UNIQUE and special, so that they know how to create a compelling CORE OFFER, to make it super easy for the interviewer to see how they are the BEST person for the job.

🌻Building confidence, motivation, ambition and resilience to those that connect or work with me.

Oh and I'm a single mum of two incredible girls who are the most feisty, hilarious and clever duo you can imagine!

The techniques that I'll be sharing with you have had me featured on the TV and BBC Radio and are based on
these principles;

  • Everyone deserves to achieve their TRUE POTENTIAL (which means not playing small or settling for any old job).
  • Personal and professional achievement's should be CELEBRATED.
  • Applying for an ideal position can be exciting (when you know how).

So let's get you pitching and presenting yourself at the top of your potential with excitement, confidence and success - Also known as Knowing Your Worth!