Imagine your employees feeling appreciated, energised, supported and aligned to your corporate ambitions, with the peace of mind of knowing you have the resources to both retain and develop existing staff, while attracting top talent that are truly aligned to your corporate strategies.

British HR Award Coach of The Year Finalist 2022, Judy Bullimore has your staff retention and talent attraction solutions covered! View the range of innovative services below.


The Positive PRD Package

A fresh and much needed take on Performance Review and Development tools, with a focus on celebrating staff accomplishments and achievements.

A strengths based approach to appreciating your staff team, while supporting employees to reflect on their current skills and development needs.

Tailored one to one, group and e-learning sessions incorporating:

  • Career Reflection
  • Career Successes
  • Core Competencies
  • Career Ambitions
  • Career Development

An ideal solution for low staff morale, large organisational change and/ or restructure or if aligned staff development planning is needed.

The *Peacock Your Staff Team Course

The ultimate way to value your staff, keep staff retention high, and for developing talent pipelines that exceed your corporate ambitions.

Empathetic, tailored and highly successful professional development that results in greater confidence, and energy across your workforce using Judy Bullimore's signature Peacock Effect 3 Step System.

Tailored one to one and group sessions incorporating:

  • Personal Career Branding
  • Career Progression Planning
  • Interview Preparation
  • Confidence Building
  • Authentic Leadership

An ideal solution for staff retention improvement goals, raising staff morale, personal development plans and supporting internal training and development needs.

The *Peacock Effect is 3 step system for how to showcase yourself at the top of your career potential through 1. Stepping into Peacock Mode 2. Using Peacock Words 3. Fanning Your Feathers for interview and/ or presenting!

The Internal Interview Ignition

Opportunities for development often involve staff needing to take part in a structured interview where their performance is carefully measured against core competencies and corporate values .

Crafting expert resources for both interviewees and interviewers, your recruitment processes will be pivoted, to support and prepare staff to showcase their abilities confidently and impressively on the day of their interview, and ensure managers are able to support staff that are unsuccessful during the process.

Tailored one to one and group sessions incorporating:

  • Thinking like an interviewer
  • How to answer common questions
  • How to bring career stories to life
  • Showcasing passion and personality
  • Helpful and constructive interview feedback
  • Creating positive recruitment touchpoints

An ideal solution for demonstrating your commitment to EDI, career development and staff training, and/ or if needing to ignite existing recruitment processes to ensure they are on point to retain top talent, while keeping staff morale high.

Example Interview Resources For Staff