The Absolute Career Success Review

Giving your application process a professional critique so that you have the best chance of getting your dream job

With Judy Bullimore, Queen Of Interviews & Dream Job Mentor

For talented professionals seeking your next job:

The Absolute Career Success Review, delivered in two bespoke coaching sessions, gives honest and essential feedback on all application documents.

We look at your current interview technique and help you to improve which means you'll have the confidence and competitive edge to impress recruiters, employers and interviewers to secure your ideal career position right now.

How The Ultimate Career Success Review Works

Application Review

Receive expert feedback directly by Judy Bullimore, Queen Of Interviews and Dream Job Mentor on all of your current application documents including; CV, Cover Letter, LinkedIn profile and/ or application forms.

Using this 3 Point checking system, feedback is based on;

  • Pitch Are you pitching at the top of your expertise and truly showcasing the best version of yourself?
  • Alignment How well do you demonstrate you're perfectly matched to the position and culture of the company?
  • Competitive Edge Does your competitive edge shine through to create a memorable positive impression where they can picture you in their organisation?

The key steps to strengthen your application documents are talked through in an expertly tailored tutorial to ensure you're clear on exactly what is required to get you shortlisted for interview.

Interview Feedback

Based on your sector, a mini interview will be designed incorporating interview questions likely to be asked. This provides the opportunity to practice interviewing and receive honest, helpful and constructive feedback on;

The 3 key areas necessary to truly stand out and impress at interview;

  • Answering The Question Are you answering the question in a way that gives the interviewer the detail they need to choose you for the position that separates you from the competition?
  • Evidence Are you providing impressive and tangible proof to demonstrate that you have the skills and experience to do the job?
  • Impression Does your delivery and performance leave a memorable, positive impression in a way that enables the interviewer to visualize you within their organization?

Following the interview, empathetic, honest and constructive feedback is delivered in a way that provides a clear process for what to strengthen to ensure a competitive edge for future interviews.

Why Have A Career Success Review?

One of the biggest frustrations experienced by professionals in the employment process is spending precious time and energy submitting applications, or jumping through interview hoops, only to be unsuccessful in the process. If this has become a theme, it can leave individuals questioning whether they have what it takes to get the career's they really want.

The worst part of the process for any candidate is when they know in their heart that they have the skills and experience to do the job, but just getting through the stages feels impossible,.

The problem is, honest and helpful feedback is hard to come by, partly due to it being time intensive on the part of the recruiter, and restrictions around the way it needs to be delivered.

As a result, highly talented and skilled job-seekers, who often have all the experience necessary to do the roles that they're applying for, are losing out on their dream positions due to errors that can easily be remedied, given the expertise and time required.

Taking the time to have a comprehensive review of all application documents and interview readiness means that you gain CRYSTAL CLEAR CLARITY on how to powerfully position all future applications and interviews for dream job SUCCESS!

It all starts with a Career Success Chat here

Meet Your Queen Of Interviews & Dream Job Mentor

Iā€™m Judy Bullimore, on a mission to empower professional job-seekers with the tools and techniques to showcase themselves with confidence, authenticity and impressiveness!

Nothing lights me up more than helping professionals understand how employers make their decisions, what strategies catch their attention, and how to prove that they are the the best candidate for the roles that they want.

The techniques I coach have featured across the BBC, have resulted in me featuring on TV and within Yahoo Finance UK, and are preferred by recruiters. Why?

Because they ensure ....

  • 100% Increase in getting shortlisted for interview.
  • 100% Increase in confidence and understanding of personal unique selling points.
  • 100% Increase in delivering a successful interview performance based on the ability to answer questions, sell skills and experience, present with authenticity and pride in the performance overall.

Whether it be;

  • Providing expertise as an Employment Specialist.
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs and building inner confidence as a Dream Job Coach.
  • Designing and writing compelling CV's and application documents from cover letters through to LinkedIn profiles.
  • Providing Personal Branding so that my clients understand their competitive edge and overall core offer.
  • Sharing Job Search Strategies that cut through the competition and fast track the process to an ideal position.

My knowledge of the employment sector ensures that the feedback I provide is SPOT ON in helping you understand HOW to move from application through to JOB OFFER!

But don't just take my word for it! See what impact the tools and techniques that I will share with you have benefited previous clients;

What Previous Clients Have To Say

So What's The Investment For?

  • Confidence that your job applications and CV's have the WOW factor
  • Know how to deliver the most IMPRESSIVE interview performance to date
  • Receive the HELPFUL AND CONSTRUCTIVE feedback that employers and interviewers don't have the time or willingness to share
  • Gain the MISSING PIECES standing between where you're at now, and the job you wish to be working in

All this in 2 bespoke sessions

What Happens Next?

  • Complete the payment and I will contact you same day to schedule two dates. One to go through your application and one to conduct the mini mock interview.
  • Prior to the first session, your application documents will be requested along with example ideal jobs that you have previously applied, or wish to apply for.
  • Each session lasts a maximum of 1.5 hour.