How would it feel to have the opportunity for your inner voice, the one that’s been calling you, begging you to listen to it, to be heard?

Maybe you’ve reached a point where you know that change is needed, but your path feels like it has a thick mist over it. In this experience, the mist will be cleared to reveal a set of new, real and tangible options, all developed in total alignment to your core values, passions, skills, experience and attributes.


Align Your Ambitions With Your Soul Purpose.

The goal of the Career Clarity Experience is for you to come away feeling clear about your true career potential, your soul purpose and what life looks like when you're operating as your higher self. Not only will you finally have the confirmation of what immediate steps you could take now to advance your career, but also an outline of the path to your ultimate ambitions!

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Connection To The TRUE You

In order to realise your true potential, we need to understand the most raw, fearless and wonderful version of you. Session 1 is all about your true authentic self, aligning your passions, values and motivations, so that you have the strongest and most connected grounding to explore your ultimate career options.

Career Dreams Made REAL

This is the ultimate session to give your ambitions the environment and space needed to come to life. Held and guided, together we'll explore what achieving your career potential truly looks like and what tangible options could make it a reality. This is where the magic happens, and is part of the transformational experience you will undergo.

Decisions of POWER

By session 3 you would have started on your path of self discovery, alignment and purpose. You will have real options to consider and be in a clearer more powerful place in which to make heart decisions. Together we will reflect and clarify, so that the experience ends with the doors to your career success unlocked, ajar and ready for you to walk through!

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Meet Your Dream Mentor.

I’m Judy Bullimore. On a mission to connect career-seekers to their true paths. My superpower is to do the following with my wonderful clients;

  • Know their soul purpose
  • Ensure they’re prepared and equipped to apply and interview for their dream job position
  • To feel unashamedly confident to showcase their true authentic selves through the job application process
  • To realize their true career potential
  • To have a game plan for how to reach their ultimate career goals
  • To feel empowered, confident and in control

The techniques I coach and have personally developed, have featured across the BBC, have resulted in me featuring on TV, within Yahoo Finance UK and are preferred by recruiters.

I understand the job application process inside and out. I've designed and delivered recruitment campaigns, sat on countless interview panels, trained as a life coach, and advise employers how to create positive recruitment touch-points for candidates. This provides the industry knowledge but my unique trait and your secret weapon is that my true passion is YOU! Don't take my word for it though, watch here for what previous clients have to say ....

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